Shat's Screen Grabber utility for Mac OS X, Snow Leopard

What is this?

An application that aims to provide users with a quick and reliable method for capturing their screen and storing it on the web.


Currently there are half a dozen or so "screen capture" applications for OS X. All of which are motivated by varying factors that create a multitude of under-developed applications. These applications have grown to surpass their initial quality and reliability. In an effort to remedy this for my friends and acquaintances, Shat's Screen Grabber was born.

The goal of this application is to provide an overall quality application that continues to be reliable, fast and stable. My background as a system administrator; extensive knowledge for networking and infrastructure; and passion for development provides me with the means. As more users begin using this application, I have scaled the network and server to keep up with the load.

How to obtain the application:

Downloading and usage of this application is very straight forward:

  1. Download the application
  2. Extract the archived zip file
  3. Double click
    • The application will prompt you for permission to move itself to your 'Applications' folder
Pretty simple, huh!?


The overall usage is very simple. The application binds itself to your existing screen capture hotkeys: (Command + Shift + 3 & Command + Shift +4). Whenever you create a screen shot / screen capture the application will immediately upload the screen shot to my server. The URI for your screen shot is kept completely private and confidential. I do not scan, look, view, preview or moderate the images / screen shots you decide to upload.1

If you have enabled the image editor within the Options panel, then it will present itself prior to uploading. This gives you an opportunity to draw, insert type and title the image before you upload it.

Upon successful upload, you will hear a short audible sound (Glass) specifically. This is to notify you that your upload was successful. Additionally, if you have Growl installed, you will receive a Growl notification.

Notes and Such

At this time I am working on introducing more features into the image editor. This is quite time consuming as I have little to no help advancing the application. Additionally, I am working on enhancing the overall settings & options section of the application. For now, you're unable to modify which audible sound you hear or control the Growl notifications. I am sorry, but I am working on getting those options in very soon.s

If you are interested in assisting me with this application, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Questions or concerns

My snippets, scripts, plug-ins, developed goods and words of endearment are available (usually) free of charge through without warranty or expressed responsibility. I am a very busy person and I build things for fun (and money), so I do not have time to help with every problem or question you might have. If you feel like your conflict is unique or I want to hear about it, please use the contact form on and I will read your message. However, there is no guarantee I will respond, though I do try my best.I am replacing this soon.